"Dan Phillips Quartet - Converging Tributaries"


Dan Phillips, Jeb Bishop, Krzysztof Pabian and Timothy Daisy

"Converging Tributaries"

The first release from a Chicago based Quartet featuring the two compositions by guitarist Dan Phillips and group improvisations with Jeb Bishop on Trombone, Timothy Daisy on Drums and Krzysztof Pabian on double bass.

Although this is the first release for this unique quartet, Krzysztof and Dan have 20 plus year relationship. Jeb Bishop is similarly a long-term compatriot and also a member of Dan’s “Chicago Edge Ensemble” which released its first recording ”Decaying Orbit” this year. Tim is well known figure in the Chicago experimental/free jazz scene and has performed extensively with all members. The album features Dan Phillips’ unique compositional style as well as extended group improvisations or spontaneous compositions, which showcase the musicality and creativity of all the members.




Listen to Samples


1. Conspicuous Con
2. Swirling Headwaters
3. Converging Tributaries
4. Latent Entrop