“Phillips innovative and improvisational mindset is still held together with the glue that is his strict belief in melody. He seems to know, without hesitation, when to break free of the textbook, yet recovers back to the basic principles of arrangement and composition. As a fine navigator, Phillips sets his compass by pure gut instinct, a
refreshing trait of a leader!”

“Rising above the nauseam of the traditionally bland attempts from others in the past, Phillips always seems, in all his work, to strive and succeed in keeping the sound fresh and expressive in feel and style.”

Review of "Bangkok Edge" Karl Strober Cadence Magazine July 2013

“Phillips is, without question, a skilled guitarist. His playing is fluid and understated, but he’s not above progressing through lengthy jams and pushing things to their limits. He solos deeply rather than broadly, tunneling in to find the consistency of the notes and probing their meaning with sleek flourishes and impactful holds.”

Review of "Bangkok Edge" Canadian Audiophile 2013

“Phillips provides lush and full chord voicings in just the right places, and solos effortlessly. His tone is clean and traditional while his improvised lines are much more in the free jazz genre in their direction. Dan Phillips is an interesting player who blends a modern and free approach with a more mainstream tone.”

Review of “Bangkok Edge” Vince Lewis Guitar International 2013

"When Phillips cuts loose he's as exciting a guitarist as there is, though he never abandons melody....He gets under the skin of the composer and inhabits a tune, reworking it in his own idiom. And as his originals here and on his previous albums as leader demonstrate, he creates pretty high standards of his own design."

Review of "Bangkok Edge", allaboutjazz.com, 2012

“one of the most original guitarists and composers currently on the jazz scene”.

Review of DVD “Jazz Guitar Basics and Beyond” allaboutjazz.com - 2010

“Dan Phillips new CD Destination Unknown is a brilliant recording of contemporary improvisation at it’s best. The album features nine original compositions that distinguish Phillips as an elite and highly imaginative composer……….Phillips has a very unique guitar style embracing the best qualities of today’s most prolific guitarists……yet retaining his own individualistic approach to composition and improvisation.”

Review of Dan Phillips Trio CD Destination Unknown, Jazz Improv Magazine 4/08

“The first impact Phillips makes is with his sense of swing and thick notes that fall from his guitar…….he opens the vista in a swell of notes that cut, roll and sweep ahead in a near torrent…..The textures weave and bob, taking flight on the wings of their imagination. Phillips….makes the experience interesting by taking a turn, breaking up a rhythm, and scattering the edifice. In the unknown lies welcome surprise.”

(review of Dan Phillips Trio “A Moment of Clarity” allaboutjazz.com 1/2005

“Phillips obviously has a clear concept for the music on this release. The entire CD is filled with twists and turns which help add to it's interest and appeal ….it also shows Phillips' inventiveness with simple melodic ideas.”

(review of Dan Phillips Trio “A Moment of Clarity”) Jazz Improv Magazine V5N2 12/2004

“….thoughtful and swinging……creates a lot of intriguing colors and not afraid to go out harmonically…It is wonderful to hear music of this high caliber coming from such limited materials. Doing so much with so little is a rarity, and it requires the kind of musical intelligence of a Dan Phillips.”

(review of Dan Phillips Trio “A Moment of Clarity”) Cadence Magazine 6/2004

"….he possesses one of the finest techniques I have personally observed; he has an extraordinary sense of time, meter, and phrasing; and he is an extremely lyrical improviser. As a composer, he is capable of expressing himself in uniquely personal musical styles.”

Antonio Garcia, Associate Professor, Director of Jazz Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2004.

“…a world-class musician…..a level of playing not usually attainable by most musicians. In addition he has developed a unique style of playing along with his own distinctive sound.”

Dr. Gene Aitken, retired Director of University of Northern Colorado , IAJE Hall of Fame Member,
Currently Advisor to the Director, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory, National University , Singapore , 2004.

Dan Phillips has worked as guitarist, composer educator and bandleader in New York, Bangkok, Chicago and Tokyo. His Chicago based Trio has released four original recordings “Journey in Mind”, “Moment of Clarity”, “Destination Unknown” and soon to be released “Fading Light”. A new Chicago group “Chicago Edge Ensemble” will also have a new release coming soon. He released an instructional and performance DVD entitled “Jazz Guitar Basics and Beyond” and a new CD’s “Bangkok Edge” and Bangkok Edge Live” in Thailand. He has appeared at Jazz festivals and Concerts throughout the US and Canada, Europe and Asia. He is currently Lecturer of Guitar and Jazz Studies at Silpakorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and Northwestern, University. Dan has performed internationally with jazz musicians such as Gerald Wilson, Danillo Perez, Judy Roberts, Jeff Parker, John Stowell, Matt Darriau, Jim Black, Ben Street, Chris Speed, Pat Zimmerly, Hugo Rasmussen, Mike Sarin and Ed Thigpen.